Privacy Policy

1) About TPB “Team Positive Bangladesh” (TPB) is a nonprofit fighting poverty, injustice and inequity around the country in Bangladesh. TPB is not just a Non-Profit Organization who provide support to the needy people but also assist the less fortunate people to stand with their own by providing elements to earn and feed their own families with the available capacities of TPB.


2) Mission To create a better living for the people of Bangladesh in reflection of the dream as foresee by Father of the Nation; Bangabundhu Sheikh Mujibor Rahman; to establish justice equality and significant social economy growth for all.


3) Vision To create knowledge based awareness among the civilians to emerge and grow responsible citizens to extend hands for each other for a better livelihood in the country.


4) User Registration Facility Once a user is being registered in the APPS will become lifetime member of this Organization subject to breach of membership violation. Each user will be able to view all content and video as to be uploaded in the site time to time at their convenience.


5) User Data Security Management Certain credentials will be followed to maintain user data privacy and data security policies to protect user information (acquire, store and recovery) from cyber attacks, accidental or intentional mishandling of data, and other data breaches


6) Account deletion procedure:

If any user wants to delete his account then mail to  Account will be deleted within 24 hours of mailing.


 Know about   “Team Positive  Bangladesh

Firstly it’s a non-profitable and non-political  platform  where everyone can join to work with us. This organization is engaged in all the work of humanity with honesty and removing the bad by embracing the better as well s eradicate the all 

What is the activity 

Against the unfair exploitation, oppression, torture, TPB will help to build the dream of SONAR BANGLA with their ideology of  Bangabandhu


TPB (Team positive Bangladesh) is now equally appreciated outside the borders of the country. Day by day this organization is improving by the afford which is unbelievable

TPB is a family of 4 lac+ members and they are active now. they are increasing day by day which is very helpful to our people in general.


1. TPB aims to fulfil the dreams of the youth, fueled by the line the burden of one stick of ten to one.

2. TPB organization is expressing interest  of more members day by day to move the country forward

International reputation and other institutions are leapfrogged just for the sake of their personal benefits where TPB works taking no benefits .where other institutions suck the blood of helpless people and work on the ground by going from door to door on behalf of the people  



Helpless people do not have power, so they remain helpless all their lives so that injustice is not done to them with the aim of reaching agreement with all the administrations of a country, they will cooperate to release them.


They launch a   program  which is live and will be shown to on their officia facebook  page  so that  everybody can get to watch actual scenario of their activities

1. People will come to us and they will appeal to us what they need and what was the story behind his/her.

2. Hello TPB will umpire and instantly try to escape from that which will be shown in HELLO TPB” as a channel.

3. Everyone is to clear the original activities of Team Positive Bangladesh

4. Simultaneously the outside people will be interested to be a member of TPB Ltd

5. By this program they will identify those who are destitute

6. They will hear the tears of every individual, the story of them and try to make them out.


They will provide everything free for education to improve the skills of the youth and to treat the underprivileged and for this reason this TPB will fight together with high ranking rich and powerful to change the society without doing any work alone


TPB will always be alert  to spread the light by being energized by this ideology  that Keeping the ideals of BANGABANDHU in mind, TPB will jump at every step build the dream of golden Bangladesh and will live as a strong voice against justice.